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Addressing the Critical Need to Expand American Nitrile Glove Manufacturing

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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed significant nitrile glove and personal protective equipment (PPE) liabilities:

Demand far exceeded supply – RubberWorld estimates the world uses at least 12k gloves per second; US requirement estimated at 300B+ annually; global demand adds up to 600B

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Nitrile exam glove manufacturing has largely been offshored, with Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia accounting for over 98% of glove production

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Pandemic shortages led to 1,000% price increases at times; the current global supply shortage is estimated to be 215B gloves

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In response to the pandemic and global supply chain woes, the U.S. government has set a goal to produce 50 billion nitrile gloves domestically. At least 20B gloves are needed to replenish America’s stockpile reserves each year. Renco is proud to be part of this strategic solution.

“In this year’s survey, 92 percent of executives express positive sentiments toward reshoring.”

Kearney Reshoring Index 2022

State-of-the-Art, Unique Large-Scale U.S. Facilities

The global nitrile glove market is estimated by analysts to be nearly $58B by 2026. This represents demand growth of 24%. This opportunity has attracted interest in the sector, and therefore Renco. As we complete our current expansion, Renco will have the most advanced and automated nitrile glove manufacturing facilities in all of the Americas.


Proudly USA Made. In keeping with Renco’s Made in America commitment:

   - We are and will use local labor, American design and construction

     work whenever and wherever possible

   - We will use equipment manufactured in the U.S. whenever possible

     to ensure Berry Amendment Compliance

   - We will utilize data and automation to scale our facilities and ensure

     manufacturing excellence and world-class, quality products

   - We will protect our environment and promote the highest level of

     workplace safety


Colebrook, NH

The active expansion of our existing facility will double its size and create a Center of Excellence for glove production. The plant resides in a HUB-Zone and a Free-Trade Zone. APP's technology ancestry started with Neil Tillotson, inventor of the examination glove. This expansion will create hundreds of new, full-time jobs and deliver local community benefits of over $300M.


Houston, TX

RencoMed will be the most sophisticated nitrile glove manufacturing facility in the U.S., if not the world. Once completed, this facility will add $350M in local community benefits.

“I’m thrilled APP will receive a new contract to boost production of gloves at their Colebrook facility, which will not only support our frontline workers but create additional, much-needed jobs in the North Country.”

Senator Jean Shaheen, (D) New Hampshire

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