Are Your Hands Safe While Working? Think Again

Infographics - Are Your Hands Safe While Working Think Again

Wearing gloves not only help protect your hands from getting hurt during industrial applications, but also facilitate efficiency in work.

What Are the Various Types of Gloves Used in Different Industries?

  • Anti-vibration Gloves – for jackhammer and drills
  • Anti-static Gloves – for suppressing electrostatic charges
  • Chemical Gloves – for handling harmful chemicals
  • Electrical Gloves – used in voltage applications
  • Flame Retardant Gloves – to protect hands from flames or sparks
  • Glovebox Gloves – used with glovebox
  • Medical Gloves – act as biohazard barrier between a patient and a carer
  • Inspection Gloves – protect products from contamination and fingerprints
  • Rescue Gloves – used during traumatic incidents

What All Injuries Can Be Avoided By Using Gloves?

  • Cuts and Scrapes
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Chemical Burns
  • Bacteria and Virus
  • Puncture Wounds

What Can You Achieve by Wearing Gloves?

  • Safety in Hot and Cold Temperature Conditions
  • Good Comfort Level
  • Flexibility and Dexterity
  • Chemical Permeability
  • Resistance to Punctures and Abrasions
  • Excellent Grip

All the aforementioned benefits make the use of work gloves extremely important in any industry. You just cannot afford to carry out potentially harmful processes without wearing gloves. Contact our professionals for more information on different gloves.

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