Why are Renco Containment Bags Popular?

Precision, accuracy, and safety are three virtues that differentiate a laboratory from other work areas. Experimentation on samples are always carried in environment-controlled spaces, with utmost precaution. Also, these activities have several specific requirements, such as using gloves for handling specimen, using non-contaminated samples, etc. Similarly, using containment bags for holding samples is also one of the important requirements.  These bags are also known as lab bags or sample bags. There are various glove manufacturers offering containment bags in diverse specifications. Renco Gloves is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of containment bags across the globe. Are you keen to know what makes these bags popular? Read the post to find your answers.

5 Beneficial Features of Renco Containment Bags

The following features have contributed to the popularity of Renco containment bags.

  1. Safety:

    This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of the containment bags offered by Renco. The containment bags are designed to offer extreme safety to users. These bags offer complete isolation, which helps protect arms, hands, and respiratory systems from harmful chemicals, microorganisms, or other agents in the lab environment.

  2. Cost-efficient Designs:

    As with any other medical-grade products, cost is one of the factors, while selecting a containment bag for a laboratory use. Renco containment bags are well-known for their cost-effectiveness. These bags require zero maintenance, and possess space-saving designs.

  3. Transportable:

    The bags are lightweight, and easily portable. These bags can be easily transported to distant locations to carry samples. Also, these bags can be custom designed to transport infected patients, as well as contaminated laboratory samples.

  4. High Utility:

    Renco’s containment bags are ideal for field research works, too. The bags can be easily incarcerated with waste byproducts in the lab. This helps minimize cross-contamination, as well as reduce the cleaning costs.

  5. User-friendly Designs:

    The containment bags can be customized with airflow and recirculation features, which help prevent microorganisms from contaminating the samples. These bags are created with high-quality plastics, which help avoid leakage or interactions with external agents, while chemicals, microorganisms, or other agents, are held within. There are various experiments, which demand sterile or aseptic environments. For such environments, the bags can be easily packaged with bioburdens, or irradiated with gamma radiations.

Containment Bags

All the above-mentioned reasons have contributed to the popularity of containment bags from Renco. The Company also designs portable containment tents and hardwall gloveboxes for specific containment applications.

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